City builders discuss Expo Toronto 2025

John Tory, Toronto City Mayor

Mayor John Tory, City of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

“Events of a global scale, like the Expos overseen by the BIE, help accelerate economic development and engage the more than 6 million Canadians living in the Greater Toronto Area in a unique, world-class experience.”

City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ward 27 Toronto Centre Rosedale

Kristyn Wong-Tam, City Councillor, Ward 27 Toronto Centre Rosedale

“I am delighted to bring the possibilities of Expo 2025 to Toronto. As a project of monumental value Expo will help create jobs and increase Toronto’s profile internationally as a world-class city and tourist attraction. Expo ’67 was a catalyst for Montréal’s growth with a number of large-scale infrastructure projects. Expo 2025 could propel Toronto even further.”

Kathleen Wynne, Premier, Province of Ontario

“Expo 2025 is a project of major importance to the future economic vitality of Greater Toronto, and has significant economic potential for the city and province. I fully support formally asking the Federal Government not to withdraw Canada’s membership in the Bureau International des Expositions, and I support allowing the City of Toronto to do its proper due diligence … I look forward to a meeting and tour of the possible Expo site in the Toronto Port Lands.”

Charles Sousa, Finance Minister, Province of Ontario

“I am supportive of requesting the federal government to refrain from withdrawing Canada’s membership in the Bureau International des Expositions while the City of Toronto conducts its due diligence. The Province would, of course, be a partner where and when appropriate throughout this information gathering and fact finding process.”

Michael Chan, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade, Province of Ontario

“The benefits for all Canadians with Toronto as host of Expo 2025 would include significant job creation, new value-added GDP growth, increases in tourism and a global marketing effort showcasing Canada.”

Steven Del Duca, Ontario Minister of Transportation

“Expo 2025 would be an economic generator that would attract investment to the GTA, clean up the Port Lands, build infrastructure, boost tourism, create jobs, and show the very best of our region, province and country …Expo could build a dynamic legacy for Toronto for decades to come: transit, environmental cleanup, affordable housing, and social and community improvements.”

Monte McNaughton, MPP, P.C. MPP (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex) Critic for Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade

“I believe that the government needs to help create an environment that will foster economic growth. This project is an exciting opportunity for Ontario … I want to help you on this!”

Senator Art Eggleton (Former Mayor of Toronto)

“The City Council of Toronto approved the first step in looking at the possibility of Toronto hosting a major world Expo in 2025, granting us the opportunity to show off one of the most populous, multicultural, and beautiful metropolises in our nation … this a no-lose situation.”

Craig Scott, Former MP (NDP), Toronto – Danforth Riding (where Expo is proposed)

“The City of Toronto has asked its economic development staff to report back in early 2013 on whether an Expo in Toronto, notably in the Port Lands, would be feasible and beneficial, including environmental sustain-ability and infrastructure legacies … we wish to ensure the possibility of an Expo 2025 bid by Canada on Toronto’s behalf not be precluded.”

Jan de Silva, President & CEO, Toronto Board of Trade

“Previous Canadian expositions, held in Montreal and Vancouver, prove the enormous economic and urban development potential of such events. We support the City of Toronto’s due diligence and assessment process.”

Terrie O’Leary, Acting CEO, Invest Toronto

“City Council in Toronto recently approved the first step in looking at the possibility of Toronto hosting a major world Expo in 2025 … Almost 10 years after Canada has returned to the fiscally sound and non-deficit budgetary situation that we all support. Toronto is doing the proper due diligence.”

Sheldon Levy, Former President, Ryerson University

“Toronto would stand to benefit tremendously … It would help to defray the cost of major projects planned for the City. In addition, hosting Expo 2025 would attract additional international investment, trade, jobs, and increased tourism.”

Claire Hopkinson, Director and CEO, Toronto Arts Council

“The BIE is a highly respected international treaty organization that governs the award of major Expos … Toronto’s investment in the cultural economy creates jobs, wealth, innovation, social cohesion, civic identity and makes the city desirable to visitors and businesses. (It) contributes more than $9 billion annually to Toronto’s GDP and employs more than 130,000 people.”

Mike Yorke, President (Local 27), The Carpenters Union

“Expo is city building at its best: much needed transit would serve future jobs, growth, and tax-paying development. Both the site, and our environment. It means education, training, and work opportunities for a new generation of young carpenters – the very men and women who are building Toronto. It’s a win-win for Toronto, the GTA and for Ontario.”

Johanne Belanger, President & CEO, Tourism Toronto

“The Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Toronto and in fact in all of Canada stand to benefit greatly from hosting major international expos of this nature … Last year Canada’s lodging industry alone generated over $7 Billion in tax revenues for all three levels of government ($3.2 Billion of which was at the Federal Level) … in fact in Ontario alone, the visitor economy supports over 331,000 jobs.”

Terry Mundell, President & CEO, Greater Toronto Hotel Association

“City wide meetings and conventions in Toronto (such as an Expo) have a large economic impact on businesses in the area ranging from hotel rooms, restaurants and attractions. We are supportive … The Ontario tourism and hospitality industry is a significant contributor to the Canadian economy.”

George Hanus, President & CEO, Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance

“The Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance actively promotes the Greater Toronto Area 
 (GTA) internationally … An Expo in Canada would greatly enhance GTA regional economic development.”

John W. Campbell, Former President & CEO, Waterfront Toronto

“The current exercise by the City of Toronto is a worthy one to undertake and conclude … Further examination has the potential to yield a different business model which could help to minimize public investment through innovative partnerships with the private sector while still achieving city building and legacy objectives.”

Michael Kraljevic, President & CEO, Toronto Port Lands Company

“Toronto Port Lands Company (TPLC) has been a strong supporter of the catalytic impact of a world Expo towards achieving significant city-building opportunities. Successful Expos have demonstrated that it will accelerate investments in underutilized lands, infrastructure, transit and cultural facilities … A careful review of all issues for a new bid is certainly prudent.”

Glen Clark, Former Premier, British Columbia, Currently President & CEO,
The Jim Pattison Group, Vancouver

“I certainly support your efforts to land an Expo for Toronto. These spectacular events have a way of galvanizing a community and spur significant infrastructure investment that pays dividends for years to come. And, because of the length of an Expo, those exhibitions have a much larger long-term impact than an Olympics, or a Pan-Am Games.”